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A clear understanding of its objectives as a Catholic Marist school

• A school which offers families an approach to education which draws faith, culture and life into harmony, which provide a particularly favourable setting for Christian education, gives priority to a pastoral care that is adapted to the needs of young people, which gives particular attention to pupils who are in difficulty and which encourages dialogue between persons of different cultures and different beliefs.
• A school which teaches in the Marist style of Presence, Simplicity, Family Spirit, Love of Work, In the Way of Mary, and which places strong emphasis on a sense of self-worth and self-esteem.
• A school which provides a broad curriculum which cultivates cultural and aesthetic elements, as well as the intellectual and physical, but which does not define the success of one individual in terms of superiority over others.
• A school where our leaders develop an organisational approach which reflects our values by encouraging a spirit of partnership and shared responsibility, while, at the same time, allowing for the responsible autonomy of each person involved in the educative process.
• A school which encourages, supports and actively promotes the ongoing personal, Christian and professional formation of all staff.

• A school which welcomes and involves parents as partners and assists them in their primary task of handing on the faith and of educating their children.

• A school which responds to the expectations and needs of today's young people.
• A school which fosters a family spirit that manifests itself in close co-operation between the Brothers, teachers, parents and students.

A broad curriculum that encourages all students to aim for third level

• This is particularly important given the wide social mix of students attending the College and given our commitment to the significant number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds who attend the College.
• The details of this curriculum are outlined under "Academics" on this site.
• The school is part of the Trinity Access Programme which is of particular assistance in encouraging and enabling students from more disadvantaged backgrounds to gain access to third level. The details of the programme are outlined elsewhere on this site.

An experienced and talented teaching staff

Ms. Oonagh McCaul (Principal).  Buisness, Economics, French
Mr. Pat Glover (Deputy Principal).  History. ICT
Mr. Robert Cronin Irish, Spanish
Dr. Eamonn McCabe Science, Biology, Geography, Maths, PE
Ms. Carole Durkan Irish, EAL, CSPE
Mr. Paul Harding English, History, Religion, CSPE
Ms. Aisling Reilly Special Education Co-Ordinator, SPHE
Ms. Norah Martyn Business, Economics, Accounting, Maths
Mr. Chris Halligan Science, Biology, Chemistry, ICT
Ms. Mildred Gill Irish, Music
Ms. Tara Fahy Art, English, CSPE, SPHE
Mr. John McEvoy Geography, History, PE, ICT
Ms. Caoimhe Mc Guinness Business, Accounting, Maths
Ms. Grainne McCarthy Home School Liaison Officer
Ms. Laura Birmingham Art, SPHE
Mr Carl Brien Buisness, Maths, CSPE, PE, SPHE
Ms. Deirdre Tobin Spanish, English, EAL, Sp. Ed.
Ms. Geraldine Conlon Science, Biology, Maths
Mr. Kevin Meany (Career Guidance Counsellor).  Business, LCVP, Religion, PE
Ms. Lorraine Lee Music, History, Religion, English
Ms. Chloe McKenna Spanish, Geography, EAL, Sp. Ed.
Mr. Keith Burke Science, Physics, Maths
Ms. Sarah Murphy Geog, Irish, Eng, EAL, SP. Ed.
Ms. Arlene Murphy Spanish, Maths, CFES Co-Ordinator
Ms. Mithch Lindsay Geography, English, PE, EAL
Mr. Tim Byrnes PE, Irish, Religion, SPHE
Ms. Alison Bird Science, Biology, Maths, French
Mr. Barry Drumm Business, Math, CSPE
Mr. John O'Reilly Spanish, Geography, PE, SP.Ed, Religion
Ms Maria Kenny English, Religion, EAL
Ms. Karen Staunton English, French, SP.Ed.
Mr. Sean McGinty Maths, Sp. Ed, PE
Ms. Carla McDowell English, Music, Religion
Mr. Ian Hogan History, English, EAL
Ms. Laura Killen History, Geog, Religion, Sp.Ed
Ms. Kym Doyle English, History, Religion.
Mr. Brian Cantwell PME,Irish, French, Special Ed
Mr. Wesley Forsythe PME,English, CSPE
Mr. Eoin Kelly PME,History, English, EAL
Mr. Alan Mc Partland PME,English, Geography, CPSE
Ms. Aine Rowland PME,History, English Drama
Ms. Marguerite James Secretary
Ms. Sue Devine Secretary
Mr. James Foley Caretaker
Ms. Pauline Nolan Assistant Caretaker
Ms. Gwen Bolger Swimming Pool Manager

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