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Marian College Induction form

Parents/Guardians must complete this form as fully as possible.

All the information on this form will be confidential to the Pastoral Care team at the College.




Learning Support


Exceptional Ability


Special Needs Assistant (SNA)


Educational assessment


If yes, could you forward a copy of any such report(s) to the Principal of Marian College with this form
(These reports may be held by the primary school principal or by the psychologist)

Other assessment


If yes to either of these last questions, could you forward a copy of any such report(s) to the Principal of Marian College with this form

Irish language


If yes, you must forward a copy of the school exemption with this form

Nationality questions (see Circular 0023/2016)


If yes, please answer the following questions?

The Depart of Education and Skills is seeking the following information where the parent opts to provide it.  If you consent to provide this information, please tick the ethnic or cultural background to which this pupil belongs:


White Irish                                                  Irish Traveller                                           

Roma                                                          Any other white background                     

Black or Black Irish – African                  Black or Black Irish – any other Black background

Asian or Asian Irish – Chinese         Asian or Asian Irish – Any other


Health needs


Medical card

Sports or other clubs


I/we wish my/our son to become a student at Marian College for the 2017/2018 academic year.
I/we agree that I/we will respect the ethos of the College as a Marist Catholic school.
I/we will do my/our best to ensure that my/our son complies with the rules and regulations of the College.   
I/we consent to the recording by the school of certain sensitive personal data which will be furnished to the Department of Education & Skills in the annual October returns.
I/we agree that Marian College may receive on a confidential basis our son’s school reports and any other reports (including psychological reports).
I/we also agree that if in the school’s opinion, my/our son should require guidance and counselling that I/we assent to his availing of such services at the College.
 I/we give my/our consent to use photographs or video of my son solely for the use of school promotional purposes.


I agree to respect the ethos of the College as a Marist Catholic school and I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the College at all times


Note: The school is a Data Controller under the Data Protection Acts 1998 and 2003. While the information provided will generally be treated as confidential to the school, from time to time it may be necessary for the school to exchange personal data on a confidential basis with other bodies including the Department of Education,  Department of Social and Family Affairs, An Garda Siochána, the HSE, National Educational Welfare Board.  Please see our school

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